Design Work Not All About Pretty Pictures

December 18, 2019

Design Work Not All About Pretty Pictures

Those who are mere customers on the surface could so easily underestimate the stock that a desktop design team puts into their work. Take the business of packaging and design solutions, for instance. Invariably, at some stage of the design process, there will be the drawing of pretty pictures. Although they are now mostly digitally conceptualized, the drawing will still be painstaking just as would be the case when drawing, painting or carving by hand.

This stage of the desktop designers’ work will be taking care of the consumers’ aesthetic desires, perceived or conceptualized. An attractive presentation still needs to be made. You see this on your supermarket shelves all the time. Not always sure which brand to purchase, consumers may be persuaded by the attractiveness of the product. But they are also encouraged by the very shape of that package. It must be convenient and easy to open. Design work also needs to take into account what materials will be stored within those packages.

They will also need to take into account what materials will be required to house the product material. For instance, you would never find organic honey or raw honey being stored in a cardboard or wooden container. You would, however, find it stored in a reasonably thick glass jar with a lightweight stainless steel lid that is sufficient enough to retain all of the natural product’s goodness once the jar is sealed again.

packaging and design solutions

You would hardly find paint being stored in a glass jar. No, you will find it being sealed in reasonably non-enforceable stainless steel containers capped off with lids that have vacuum-sealing capabilities. Packaging and design solutions take care of the consumers’ esthetic requirements. They also take care of the required hygienic and health and safety standards.